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 ill Brew  Chronicles: Art, Music and Culture

16 years of ill Brew

Street Essence Organic content provide the soothing benefits of soul lavender and the antiseptic benefits of ill Brew. Hear It, wear it, touch it, Feel it Watch it, Drink it .


DJ NYce, J-Crush, DJ Kwest,Dj Debbie, Mr SInns, D Luv,University Supreme  15 years of unrelased footage

Live Jazz in Brooklyn

Every Friday  Live Jazz at 966 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11238 2 sets 7pm $10 Donation Ctrain to Clinton  & Washington Ave.

C train running local

Exploring Brooklyn Activism and Hip Hop through  obscure documents, phat blends and esoteric jargon to communicate relevant solutions to the masses, 

Detroit Massive

DJ University a Hip Hop Veteran and longtime  resident  of Detroit , a city estimated to have 150,000 vacant housing  and a reported racial line blockade.  University employs original breakbeats to heal the city’s urban sprawl.

 ill host with the most

Supreme the uncensored host with the most, known for 3 phrases that make all the B Girls want to fight.